I’m So Excited

The good starting pitching (especially BIG PELF), the good bullpen, Ike Davis, the “real” Jose Reyes (hopefully) is back…things are starting to look better than just a few days ago in Flushing and I am starting to really believe that this team has what it takes to make the playoffs.

But I have something to really look forward to when I go to this Saturday’s game against Atlanta.


My Mets season ticket rep called me up with the news last week.  He even gave me the option of yelling “Play Ball” on the scoreboard while being billed as the “Season Ticket Holder Of The Day” or taking the field with the team.

Of course, I chose running on the field (like a Little Leaguer at a Brooklyn Cyclones game) over looking awkward on the scoreboard!  Wasn’t even a split second until I figured out which was the better choice.  Who cares if I’m 38 years old, this is going to be fun!

I’ll have lots to report back over the weekend. But I really have to say that the Mets continued to treat me like a valued customer.  Keep in mind that I have the 2nd lowest price seats in Citi Field.

Saturday is also the return of  “Bark In The Park” after a one year hiatus last year.  The event is sold out for dogs and their owners and today’s Daily News has a story about a very special guest that will be attending: Tillman the skateboarding English Bulldog.

You may have seen Tillman on TV doing his thing, he’s actually quite good at skateboarding and loves to do it.  My wife and I are big fans and I wonder if they will have him skating in the Fan Fest area.  A man boy can dream.  Until then, I think I’ll watch the embedded video from the Daily News one more time.


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  1. wow. enjoy it


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