Mets Fans Turning Into Yankee Fans?

The booing is OUT OF HAND and I am really starting to hate my fellow Mets fans.

Two nights in a row, David Wright has gotten booed for failing to get a hit with runners on base.

David Freakin’ Wright!

May I remind my fellow Mets “fans” (I use the quotes because how can you truly be a fan if you are booing Wright?) that this is a sport where success 30% of the time is a good thing.  Moreover, do you REALLY think booing will magically get him out of a slump?

Booing Ollie Perez on Opening Day made me really angry.  I have many joke at Ollie’s expense over the years and certainly have complained about him.  But Opening Day should be a clean slate, past transgressions are forgotten.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this fan behavior considering how long the sarcastic cheers went on last season every time Luis Castillo caught a popup.  While the error against the Yankees was painful, by the time August rolled around, the sarcastic cheering was beyond stale.

The saddest part of the way Mets fans are behaving?  You are acting just like all those  obnoxious, know-nothing-about-baseball Yankee bandwagon fans that every other baseball fan hates.


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