McFadden’s Is Coming Together

What a difference 24 hours makes!  There is still lots of work to do at McFadden’s Citi Field but it is starting to look like a Monday opening might be possible.  Below you’ll see progress on the interior along with tables waiting to be set up and the plasma TV’s being unloaded off the truck.

I am going to steer clear of McFadden’s on Monday because you will have a brand new staff with no training and an overwhelming crowd…recipe for disaster.


Mets Hall Of Fame Plaques Now Up

On the heels of Chris Swann’s great set of Museum interiors from yesterday comes a few new additions that I snapped today.  The Mets Hall of Fame Plaques are up on the wall and they look Cooperstown-esque…

(My apologies on the quality, they were taken through a window)

Here is another new shot that we haven’t seen yet, looks like a program for the 1st game at Shea in 1964 and a base from the last game in 2008…

The New Location Of The Old Apple

Here’s some more shots from yesterday…

In case you haven’t heard, the “Old” Home Run Apple from Shea has been relocated directly to the plaza front of Citi Field.  The front of it faces towards the stairs coming down from the Subway & LIRR stations.

More pictures after the jump…

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Will McFadden’s Be Ready For Opening Day?


There’s plenty more to see here regarding the changes/additions to Citi Field….

To see some views of the Museum that were not in the other MetsBlog link, go HERE

To see some unique views of the Shea Home Run Apple from both street & subway platform lever go HERE

To see the corrected 1986 Fan Walk plaque go HERE

McFadden’s has been advertising that they are opening on Opening Day.  WFAN’s Boomer & Carton are supposed to be doing HAVE CANCELLED their show from there Monday morning 6-10 AM.

But from what I saw today, I have to wonder if they will make it for Monday.

Not only do they have a TON of construction to finish but then they have to decorate the space, put in tables stools, and chairs, and stock it with food and drinks.  They also have to pass NYC inspections.  How is that all going to occur by Monday at 6AM?  I have to imagine that the NYC inspectors don’t work weekends or at least Sundays at the very least.

Here’s some pictures….

More pictures after the jump….

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Changes To Citi Field Ads

These are probably the first of a flurry of changes that will occur before Sunday’s Workout:

First up, the distracting Arpielle ads that are on the left & right side of the CF video board are in the midst of being taken down and relocated to a smaller one in the corner.  Here you can see the old one is still up on the back side of the scoreboard along with the new replacement at the bottom:

Here you can see the Arpielle ad already taken down and a new Goya ad has been added:

Mets Fix 1986 World Series Fan Walk Plaque

Some thought the Mets made a factual mistake, others think it was grammatical.  Either way, the problem has been cleared up and the new Fan Walk plaque has already been updated:

EXCLUSIVE First Pictures Inside Mets Hall Of Fame & Museum

Metsie is the FIRST with pictures of the brand new Mets Hall Of Fame & Museum at Citi Field.  They are still putting the finishing touches on the museum and thus, no memorabilia is currently on display.

I couldn’t get shots of the front room (the first area that you will walk in to from the Jackie Robinson Rotunda) because a Mets security guard wouldn’t let me but I was fortunate to have a worker allow me in the “back door” (the revolving door that used to be the Team Store entrance to the street).  So these pictures are just a taste of what the public will see starting Sunday at the Open Workout for Season & Plan ticket holders.

First up, a picture of what you will see from the plaza area.  This is in one of the windows that used be part of the Mets team store, featuring the 1969 team:

Next, is a Darryl Strawberry window, also formerly a Team Store window It reads “Darryl Starwberry Mets All Time Home Run & RBI Leader”:

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